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Budoschule Rubesam






Private School of Martial Arts “Budokan” was established in 1991, 7 Jan. Founders of School are Ju-Jitsu instructors: brothers Krzysztof and Marcin Dawidowicz, who have been practising Martial Arts since 1970`s.

Trainings are conducted with huge experience of founders in Martial Arts: ju-jitsu, judo, karate, kobudo and viet-vo-dao.

In “Budokan” School there are mainly MODERN JU-JITSU and SELF-DEFENCE taught. People with long time of training are also trained with using selected weapon, for example: bo, jo, tonfa. We have special consolidated program with teaching systems called “WA-BRO”.

Our School is a member of W.S. “BUDO” - Academy of Ju-Jitsu. Their instructors have representation in few international organisations.

Founders of this School have close co-operation with Polish Ju-Jitsu Association.

Private School of Martial Arts “Budokan” also is training small children, teenagers and adults (also are organised trainings for police, city guards and bodyguards). Among group trainings we also offer individual trainings (lessons). There is also possibility to take part in sport - practices (seminars) in Poland and abroad, to participate in sport competitions and attending in sport - recreation camps.

Since 1993 Bodyguards Agency “AKIRA”, with co-operation of Private School of Martial Arts “Budokan” has been established.

For many years of renting sports halls we have finally realised our dream - an own high quality dojo near one instructor`s home. Since that time we can offer not only experienced teachers but also comfort conditions for practising ju-jitsu.


Senior Instruktor Krzysztof Dawidowicz, born in 1963, 9 dan in ju-jitsu. Since 1976 he has been practising Martial Arts. He started his career as a judo competitor but always he was interested in real-self-defence which he is now training. During many years of his work as a bodyguard he had possibility to verify earlier techniques and to develop new one. Now he teach different kind of uniform service, e.g.: police and soldiers. His specialisation is a fight with use common things, for example: an umbrella or a walking stick.

Senior Instruktor Marcin Dawidowicz born in 1967, 6 dan in ju-jitsu. Since 1981 he has been practising Martial Arts. He practised karate, viet vo dao and ju-jitsu. For many years he has worked as a bodyguard. For some time he was a competitor of sport ju-jitsu. Now he is specialised in forms and in fight with weapon. Additionally, when he has time, he teaches how to use escrima.


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